I’ve been attending weekly sessions at one of Alison’s Pilates Classes for almost 3 years, after being recommended to do so by an osteopath. I’ve got two herniated discs in my cervical spine and two twisted vertebrae in my lumbar spine. Consequently, I’ve had neck and back problems and pain for many years. In her classes Alison always suggests adaptations to the exercises to accommodate the needs of those of us with problems.

My life has improved in so many ways since taking up Pilates with Alison; my neck and back pains are greatly reduced, my posture has improved and my core strength has developed along with a general feeling of improved well being. I wish I had found Alison and her Pilates Classes years ago!


I started going to Alison’s Pilates classes in Stetchworth when I moved to this area, ten years ago. I was then in my mid 50s and to be kind to myself, not the fittest of individuals. Ten years on, I still go to classes in Stetchworth and Newmarket. I’m happy to say that I’m now stronger, fitter and slimmer.
I’ve had a couple of quite serious injuries in the intervening years and Alison’s classes helped me to recover. I’ve attended classes with many different Pilates teachers, and I would always recommend Alison’s.

Why Alison’s classes.
Firstly for me the atmosphere. It is warm, welcoming and friendly. Important if you are new to a class.
Secondly her approach to teaching: Alison appreciates that we are all individuals with our own strengths and limitations. She encourages and challenges us while offering different options for each exercise, to suit different people.

Finally, her teaching methods: Every class is different and each class combines exercises to increase mobility, improve balance and develop strength. Alison demonstrates all the exercises, talks us through them and coaches everyone in the room.

All in all, I’d say if you are thinking about trying Pilates for the first time, or looking for an enjoyable and skilful class in your area – get in touch and give it a try!

Bev P

I have been attending Alison’s Balanced Fitness Pilates classes at the Catholic Church, Newmarket for over 5 years now. It’s a great workout, regardless of your level of fitness and with a friendly atmosphere.

Linda MacPherson

I have been attending Alison’s classes for 15 years.  Initially she helped me recover from a shoulder operation.  Her classes are never repetitive, she manages to keep them fresh, interesting and challenging, allowing for various levels within each exercise.
The Cardiolates class is fun – you certainly know you’ve been exercised!

Etta Lloyd-Jones